Ventacy brings the investment performance back into business

Or, as our press release said it: “New online marketplace brings business owners and investors closer than ever“.

Why? Because whatever your next business goal is, VENTACY helps you reach it.

How? VENTACY offers professional business tools for tiny, small and medium enterprises, and for the investors interested in this market. VENTACY provides exclusive businesses and investors listings, matchmaking scenarios, business valuation algorithms, visibility on the market, and of plenty of business and investment opportunities.

VENTACY will help you take educated risks based on facts, not emotions. For example, VENTACY can help you sell your business, and others buy it. And then maybe venture into a new one. It’s only up to you.

At the end of the day, we all want the same thing. A better, happier, more productive life. For us and our businesses.

VENTACY  brings together all the active business players in one safe, secure and thriving professional environment, offering fair, direct and on the spot advantages to every single one of them.

It is a live, online market for business opportunities, a platform that keeps you informed, aware, and in the loop. VENTACY is set up as a resource to research, develop, refine, and scale up your best business ideas and partnerships. It’s safe, transparent, and right on the money.

It enriches the INVESTORS’ information pool by exploring opportunities based on personal criteria and communities’ interests. It offers the ENTREPRENEURS the chance to look at their business just like an investor would. It is a win-win venture into democracy business. And you should be part of it.

This is not an intervention. This is VENTACY.

Stress less. Join VENTACY. Business was never so easy.

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