The missed encounter – Part 2

The morning was slowly chasing away the last traces of darkness. It didn’t work quite as well with John’s worries. He decided to get out of bed, since he couldn’t sleep anyways, and enjoy the sunrise. As the sun was trying to make his way up the ladder of its own daily success story, a sudden sea of clouds covered the view, and John couldn’t help from thinking: It’s not that my business is in danger, but my business immortality. He remembered last night, one year ago. It was strange for him that only his employees and some old friends attended his 60th anniversary. He tried to include the employees in the business but he failed. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful celebration. The people even cried. As if they knew the end was near.

Born in the baby boomers period and growing in the economic enthusiasm of the 70s, John’s personal talent helped him build the business from scratch. He put passion in developing everything around his cooking skills and his pastry creations. And only three of the employees knew John’s cooking procedures. But still, they didn’t feel like carrying on. John was the only person there motivated by his vision that the business he developed was an art. He even believed his creations might reach immortality. But the reality check he experienced that night prevented him from having a decent sleep, since.

All year long John tried to find the reason why things didn’t end like in his imaginary success journal, if he were ever to publish one and turn it into film. But his life was far from a motivational story. Even if he had all the ingredients to become one. The pastry store was famous because of the original recipes John has designed over years. His products were really delicious. What was missing though? John was an integrator.

As the sun slowly gave up on trying to make its way through the rapidly spreading clouds, John decided that the plan for that year, didn’t work. Asking people around if they were interested in his business, mainly to take over the original recipes portfolio he developed in his 40 years of business development, seemed no longer an option. He employed various consultants but the matchmaking with an appropriate buyer was impossible. And even seemed incredible after such a long period of different trials and strategies.

It was to be one of Kentucky’s cloudy and windy days. In the middle of his out-of-business pastry store, John was trying to remember one by one, the smell and flavors of each of his products. On the radio we can hear more and more clearly the voice of the presenter: “When looking for answers, there are three main problems you are facing: the impossibility to create and distribute an exit profile, the impossibility to design and get a value of the business he was managing, and the impossibility to virtually design the buyer profile.” John is by now in his own lost world. If the radio had a fragrance, he would’ve maybe paid more attention to technology.

John retired last year leaving the business. To no one.

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