Smile like there’s no tomorrow

It’s morning. Or anyways, time to wake up. The cloud surrounding your memories is slowly fading. You finally managed to insert into your brain all the required data to function on a basic level. Depending on your hard disk memory, you will soon remember who you are, where you are and what you’re supposed to do. For some, it’s a matter of a split of s second; for others, it may take a while. And it’s not about whether you are a PC person or a MAC apasionado. What’s for sure, is that you’re either or entrepreneur, or an investor. And it’s all about the decisions you make in life, that hit you every morning, each time more present, until they simply begin to shout at you.Just as you begin to wake up, you can hear your decisions composing the soundtrack of your day. You are this. You live here.

You wear these kinds of clothes. You love this kind of person. This is what you like to eat in the morning. And this is the job you have. And you better go now. Or else. Or else what? What would happen without this job? I would lose this house. I would probably skip breakfast. Wake up alone. Wear the same clothes over and over. Why do I do what I do? Do I love my job? Or do I need it? Do I like my house? Or it’s just a necessary evil, ‘cause it’s a shorter commute and.. Do I love this person still sleeping next to me? Yes I do. Of course I do. I am happy. The smile finally sets in.

Remember, all of the above, happen – to a normal entrepreneur or investor – in just one nanosecond after realizing the difference between dream and reality. Coffee. I need coffee. Do we still have milk and sugar, Honey? Milk’s gone. Ok. Let this be the worst compromise of the day. Oh, just one cube of sugar left. Honey.. There is honey. Is there honey? Yes. Where? Right here? You’re looking at it. Oh, come on.. No, you come on, and never call me honey again. So you want milk and sugar? So we have.. No. Jesus. Christ. Super. Star.  

Are you smiling now? It means you’re living the dream. Are you worried? It means you’re not quite there. Both cases share one common feature you should be aware of – you are not immortal. So pick up that phone and call your parents. Write an sms to your kids. Just to wish them a funky day. It would make a huge difference. You won’t believe it. And for sure, you won’t regret it.

The important thing is to start your day with a random act of kindness. It’s like hitting the gym. It’s a thing that you should turn into a sport. Spreading the love. With a smile on your face. And don’t try to fake it. It takes way more energy. And you become aware of the whole lot of a hundred and something muscles that are helping you triggering that smile. But if it’s real, it awakens a whole other lot of muscles, who would do just about anything for the ones responsible for the smile. A revolution is in the making. This is you, and your plans for the day, amazed that you get to live one more day on this funky planet of ours.

If you don’t believe it, embark on this experiment. Before you do or go into anything business related, try to establish a human connection with the people you interact with. Try to imagine they also woke up some hours ago, just like you, in a house, relationship and life they still try to figure out if they love or hate, so cut them some slack.

Time is money is an overrated statement. Some quality time spent with your employer, employees or your clients, can bring you more money or benefits on the long run, than an entire advertising campaign. Especially today. With all this technology around, we are still counting on the word of mouth more than ever. Sharing and liking is word of mouth. Don’t hang up the phone until the person on the other end is smiling. Hug your friends and kiss your family goodbye when you split. Smile and wave. This is so important. Your batteries will charge without you noticing. It just comes. And the Mojo starts working again. And life seems possible and even better. So on with the show.

Even if the planet’s population is expanding like there’s no tomorrow, the power one customer feels when approached in a personal and unique way, is priceless. Sending an email today starting with “To whom it may concern…” can only mean that you didn’t do your research. Which is pretty unprofessional with all the data one can find everywhere about almost everyone. And you don’t have to work for NSA to get informed. When is the last time you sent a card? A letter? Remember that feeling? Of receiving one? Let it sink now for a moment or two. Ok, enough. You got it.

People remember you better if you made them feel good about themselves. When you make them feel special. Surrounded by constant messages addressed for the masses, personalising your interactions will only work towards your goal – not to allow people forget about you. It’s logic. And surprisingly, once you have this upper hand, you can sell them anything. Because they like you already. And in a strange way, people arguably  trust the people they like more than the people they love. It’s what we do. So why not take advantage of it. If the people will remember something, it’s the way you treated them, not the quality of your products.

So go ahead! You’ve got a lot of smiling to do! The rest is just business. If you ask me, joining Ventacy would have the same effect on you and your business. 

Want me to go quick through some of the main benefits has to offer to its members? Here you go:

ENGAGEMENT Increase engagement and traffic to your website.

WEALTH MANAGEMENT Take educated risks based on facts not emotions.

MATCHMAKER Avoid scrolling through thousands of profiles.

SOCIAL MEDIA EXPOSURE Enter a community that meets your business standards.

TRANSPARENCY We just created the context. You make the rules.

You are not immortal, but a smile a day can add some good years to your life. And, therefore, to your business. People really looked into it and here are some more reasons why a smile can change your life, one day at a time – and this is what the specialists from put together after a careful research. Let’s see the benefits of smiling and then I let you go.


  • Makes us attractive
  • Relieves stress
  • Makes you and us feel good
  • Elevates our mood
  • Is contagious
  • Makes you look younger
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Lowers your blood pressure
  • Makes you seem successful
  • Helps you stay positive

So stress less. And join VENTACY. Business was never so easy!

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