The power and the role of the One Pager

Capitals represent “communicative” money. Capitals can be accessed only through communication. This kind of money buys stories.

The quality of communication between business owners and capital owners seems to be the key of the transaction process.

Over time, experts and practitioners have developed some communication frameworks around the general requirements of the business plan. They are: (1) the business plan itself;(2) pitch deck documents; (3) the business model generation canvas (a recent development). Today, when the communication tends to be brief and focused, a new trend has emerged: The One Pager. Statistics show that in  initial stages, investors prefer the One Pager, a document catered towards a useful communication framework. As a matter of fact, nowadays, in the field of small and medium business, it is almost impossible to start any capital-based transaction without a good quality One Pager.

The One Pager is a brief document (no longer than one page) that should present the company, markets, financial projections, and the required capital on just one page. Simplicity, precision, and high-level coherence are difficult elements to be captured within the same fairly short document. 

There are some aspects to be considered in the construction of the One Pager:

  1. The structure. It is a set of blocks of information and data projected to capture all relevant conversational frameworks for building business relationships with potential investors.
  2. The design. It aims to create a rational order and elegance of the document.
  3. The content. There are some restrictions related to number of words, lines, and the overall story arch. projected and implemented a One Page Builder. It is an elegant tool, in which the structure and design respect the standardized practice and high-level quality. The content belongs to our customers. However, here at Ventacy, we remain prepared to curate mechanisms able to provide professional support to elaborate our customers’ stories.