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It’s all here. Whether you’d like to find your next investment partner or search for the next superstar business entrepreneur, having an account on Ventacy is always useful. And it’s easy too.


Profile Creation Options

Our people are here to support profile creation step. There are two ways that this step can be done:

  • Create my profile: You assume the profile creation. It is easy and intuitive; the information should be captured and exposed by you.
  • Claim my profile: a specialized Ventacy curator will support this effort. The data they will be using is only from public sources and you will collaborate with them in order to get a perfect profile.


Publish my Profile

Publish the profile is an important moment when you decide to become a member of Ventacy community. It represents the entrance on the “production” module. You may choose among more payment options, including a freemium model.


BizWiz – The Social Wall

The social wall is a part of Ventacy dynamic profile and community organizing project. The users’ engagement creates valuable and real time information and can activate the community.


Organizing the Community by Matchmaking

Ventacy has a powerful matchmaking engine that creates rational connections between the users based on different criteria including keywords. There are twoo interaction models after the matchmaking is launched and the accounts are visible:

  • Follow: it is a direct solution that can provide real-time information related to the activities of dynamic (social wall) and static profiles. If a user wants to follow another one, that actions does not require acceptance.
  • Add to my network: it opens a more sophisticated connection that should be accepted by the questioned user. It opens a discussion direct channel between the two. The network becomes a qualified investment market.

Personalized Dashboard

Ventacy will help you make business. Grow your business, invest in other businesses or just make your business visible to so many opportunities. Start by either by creating your profile or by having one of our curators help you claim your public profile.

  • Millions of business opportunities
  • Create and claim your profile in 48h
  • Connect with people
  • Grow your business

Become our Affiliate Partners

We’re all here. Either if you already are a business catalyst or you are part of a business community, bringing your connections on is always useful. And it’s easy too!

  • Create your Account
  • Link to
  • Send us audience
  • Start earning

Our Features

The current business market, open for investing, at your fingertip. Never has been so easy!

Qualifying the Market

Create a qualified market by follow and add to my network actions.


Create your investment connection profile.

Social Media Exposure

Enter a community that meets your standards.

Additional Services

Access additional on and off line investment related services.


Create a market by a matchmaking professional network

Business Value Simulating

Know what the value of your business is.

One Pager Building

Create the most important investment document in minutes.

Virtual Investment Rounds facilitates and manages virtual investment rounds. Access this service by contacting your curator.



Pricing for early adopters

  • Static profiling
  • Personal investment dashboard
  • Basic value simulator
  • Basic ROI Simulator
  • Refined value simulator
  • Matchmaking scenarios engine
  • Basic Business Intelligence Engine
  • Personalized Business Engine
  • Presentation in the main Portal Interface
  • Special positioning & presentation
6 Months 149€


1 Year 199€


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