Important Note

We thank you for your interest in the Ventacy Platform.

Before becoming a member, please note that we merely facilitate the interaction between entrepreneurs and investors. We do not act as agents, advisers, trustees, brokers or intermediaries for your or any community members in connection with the transactions facilitated via the Platform.

We do not, whether directly or indirectly, encourage or induce you to enter into any transactions or endorse, approve or verify any information on our website.

Our desire is that our members complete successful transactions with each other. Nevertheless successful transactions depend on numerous legal, tax, financial and other factors. It is therefore for each member to assess the implications of any deal that may be put forward by any member of the Ventacy Platform and determine whether the terms of a such a deal are acceptable or not.

We do not and cannot guarantee the success of a deal, which is entirely for the parties involved. The Ventacy Platform merely provides a facility for investors and entrepreneurs to interact. Therefore it is for each member to take appropriate advice on each transaction and the associated risks.

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