How to strengthen your personal branding in the cyberspace

In the world we live in, success is no more dependent on age, gender, nationality, continent or education. The focus is on ideas, knowledge, talent, attitude and behavioral competencies for a positive change. It is all about the people and their qualities that will make a difference.

“You already have a personal brand. You may just not know how to manage it yet.” (Bence, 2008)

But how can you market and promote yourself in a way that helps you reach your goals?

The ultimate checklist in creating your Personal Brand online

In today’s competitive world you must create an indelible image that sizzles in order to be remembered and rewarded. Personal branding is a non-stop, full-time job. This is your moment! Seize it! People say branding is fun, hot, and creative. But how do you do it?

“Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding.” (Peters, 1997)

Here is your chance to fuel the flames not only of positive thinking but also of positive doing! It’s time to stop waiting and watching. It’s time to start doing!

Build your image

  • Create a winning social media profile (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram – you don’t know what to choose ? Read our guide on social media channels)
  • Write a creative headline
  • Tell your full story
  • Let your network speak for you
  • Showcase your work
  • Optimize your profile for search. Get found!

Stay informed

  • Follow relevant channels and Influencers
  • Follow companies
  • Find and join groups and networks relevant to your field

Build your brand

  • Share updates with your network (articles, news, or videos you find informative)
  • Don’t be shy. Promote your accomplishments, bodies of work, and projects
  • Get a deeper look at who’s viewing your profile (when possible)
  • Engage in Facebook/LinkedIn Groups to discuss topics and trends
  • Start a dialogue around a topic mentioning companies or connections in updates
  • Link to your personal communications

How to create opportunities

Something that we now know is that the right side of our brain is responsible for interpersonal understanding. The left hemisphere of your brain recognizes what is said, the right hemisphere how it is said.

The liberatory potential of personal branding can be also perceived as a form of self-actualization. Sometimes personal branding has a transformative impact on a person’s self-awareness and self-development. The whole process of branding makes you realize the person you are, be aware of the person you want to become and what are you meant to do.

When possible, volunteer as a speaker in front of fellow colleagues within your company or any other professionals at a larger industry conference. It can be a stressful experience but it is a very powerful way to build your professional reputation and reinforce your credibility as a domain expert.

Also, network internally beyond your immediate team.

“People promote the people they know, trust, and who they see stretching beyond their immediate duties. Interacting with other teams and their leadership gives you a household name, and creates opportunities for you to become a more well-rounded contributor to your business.” (Morgan Chaney, Head of Marketing

In conclusion, investing your energy to engage with important projects, conferences, meetings, and relationships can boost your personal brand and help you build a focused reputation. If you don’t, you may be leaving yourself open to being labeled in ways that don’t align with your goals.

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