What is Ventacy ?

Ventacy is a software platform that bridges the gap between entrepreneurs and investors. Our main focus is to constantly improve the business world by socially connecting entrepreneurs to industry peers, formal and informal investors and buyers. We aim to decrease the transactional costs and speed up the trading process.

What does it solve ?

Ventacy can speed up the exchange of assets between business owners and investors by reducing the financial costs and the overall duration of the process. Businesses can get fast exposure and investors can find ideas worth investing into.

How does Ventacy work ?

By using two modules:

  • Profiling – you create a professional ‘’landing page’’ where investors and entrepreneurs can interact and present their portfolio.
  • Production – it can be accessed after you complete your profile and you are ready to matchmake and interact with like-minded business professionals based on the results of the value simulator. Also, you get access to a personalised dashboard and you can explore, create or be a part of networks of business owners and investors.
How about the registration process & the role of a personal assistant ?

Our customer experience is focused on two type of approaches:

  • “Create your profile”, when you wish to you complete the profile on your own (you can still ask for assistance at any step of the process)
  • “Claim your profile”, where you can ask one of our curators to do the job for you, for free, in less than 48 hours

We want to assist as much as possible, even before you become a customer.

What kind of businesses can register ?

We welcome every business owner or manager, no matter the size of the enterprise or the industry. We encourage entrepreneurs that are looking to scale up their business and find the perfect investor or business angel.

Who is the “Investor” ?

The term investor is extended to private persons, large companies, business angels, venture capitalists, investment funds etc. In a nutshell, whoever wishes to invest money and time in other businesses or ideas.

What are the main production functionalities ?

As soon as you publish your profile, it becomes visible to the community and will provide the user with :

  • social-media interaction and exposure to the marketplace
  • matchmaking dashboard based on key aspects such as industry, company size, opportunities, objectives etc.
  • a subjective value simulator that interprets available data about your business and simulates investment scenarios and outcomes
What is the pricing model and when is it applied ?

Our platform is free until you take the decision to ‘’Publish’’ your profile. You can create and refine your account, or ask one of the curators to do it, without any payment involved. As soon as you choose to publish, the matchmaking algorithm takes into action. Now we are in the ‘’early adopters’’ stage and we offer a steep discount, find out more on our Pricing page.

Are there any discounts ?

For now, our customers are early adopters and we offer a steep discount on our pricing plan. We take time to develop our community and polish the experience and we aim to make this an experience everyone can enjoy. Subscribe to our newsletter so we can keep you updated on upcoming features and their business value.

What happens after one year ? Does the subscription automatically renew ?

We do not renew the subscription automatically without your permission. We will inform you one month in advance before the subscription ends and it’s up to you if you wish to continue with us or not.

Ask your own questions!

Again, we are here to help. If there is anything you’d like to ask, please do: