Business are products

A Guide for Entrepreneurs: How to transform emotions into money

In the realm of entrepreneurial venture, financing the business is still an abstract concept. As a matter of fact, the accessibility is limited, as only 5% of SMB are bankable and only 1% can access some grants (such as EU funds). The statistics are somehow similar in Europe and USA.

The real solutions for financing are either bootstrapping or private investment.

Bootstrapping strategy is great; however, it comes with a lot of limitations related to growth scenarios.

Private investment seems to be the healthiest option. But this market is suffering from profound distrust and difficulties in pursuing the formal and informal procedures. For example, in the US, the processes are still affected by legislation.

Businesses are products. They should have features for creating a transaction framework. If your company does not have any value related to the “capital” (formal or informal) market, you have a problem. In business, an emotional framework and hard work are not enough. A value for exchange is fundamental requirement.

For business effectiveness and for an appropriate growth strategy, an entrepreneur should perceive his firm as a product that can be transacted. In order to be transacted, this product should have some features:

  1. Specifications;
  2. Price (market value): a valuation or a simulation of value related to the market availability;
  3. Qualified market: investors and/or buyers who match with your profile, industry, interests. is the platform that assists entrepreneurs to transform emotions into money. The platform covers all the requirements for a firm to potentially be transacted. developed some services for entrepreneurs such as:

  • The Static Profile: shows the main general characteristics of a firm;
  • The Dynamic Profile: a social wall for news, events, posts and social interactions such as follow and add to my network;
  • The Matchmaking Engine: supports the creation of the buying market;
  • The Business Value Simulator: a professional value simulator with two levels of accuracy;
  • The One Pager Builder: a professional content manager that ensures a standard structure and an elegant design;
  • A set of Offline Services such as business model generation, pitch deck builder, organization of investment rounds.

The main task of was to create the framework for shaping your business in a product. All the required functionalities are professionally ensured. The matchmaking with investors at the global level can create the qualified market for each of our entrepreneur-clients.